Jill Dando children: Did Jill Dando have kids?

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Jill Wendy Dando who was assassinated on the 26th of April 1999 was known as an English journalist, TV presenter who doubled as a newsreader. Jill Wendy spent most of her career at the BBC and was the corporation’s Personality of the Year in 1997.

At the time of her heart-stretching demise, she co-presented the BBC One program Crimewatch with Nick Ross.

On the morning of 26th of April 1999, 37-year-old Dando left Farthing’s home in Chiswick. She went alone, by car, to the house at 29 Gowan Avenue, Fulham. Dando had resided in the house, but by April 1999 was in the process of selling it and barely visited it.

As she reached her front door at about 11:32 AM, she was shot once in the head leaving her to die instantly.

Jill Dando’s children: Did Jill Dando have kids?

Jill and her then-fiance Farthing announced that they were engaged on the 31st of January 1999.

They were set to tie the knot on the 25th of September. It didn’t take place after her life was cut short. Jill died without a child.

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