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Joe Rogan Won’t Have Donald Trump On His Show: ‘I’m Not A Trump Supporter In Any Way’

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Joe Rogan more than once turned down offers to have 45th U.S. President Donald Trump on his webcast.

Rogan, host of the super well known “The Joe Rogan Experience” webcast, as of late explained to Lex Fridman why he will not have Trump on his digital recording. The entertainer and UFC reporter stated that he is not the slightest bit a Trump ally.

“The Trump time is additionally going to be one of the more irregular times,” Rogan said, per Mediaite. “At the point when individuals think back generally about the division in this nation, he’s such a polarizing figure that so many individuals felt like they could forsake their own morals and ethics and standards just to go after him and anyone who upholds him since he is an existential danger to a vote based system itself.

“I’m not a Trump ally in any capacity whatsoever. I’ve had the potential chance to have him on my show at least a time or two — I’ve said no, without fail. I would rather not help him. I’m not keen on aiding him.”

Fridman was distrustful that Rogan would go long without talking Trump, highlighting past visitors he has contradicted like Kanye West.

“Definitely, however Kanye’s a craftsman,” Rogan said. “Kanye getting along nicely or not doing competently, doesn’t steer our country.”

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