Joel Osteen net worth Forbes

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American televangelist, preacher, and pastor Joel Osteen serves as the pastor of Lakewood Church. He frequently gives talks at arenas and stadiums that are completely full.

Osteen is not your typical preacher, with his dapper good looks and his persistent preaching of “living life to its full potential,” “living in victory,” and “seizing destiny moments.”

Joel Osteen is a spiritual guru and a religious seminary in and of himself with the number of listeners and audiences he is able to gather. He briefly attended Oral Roberts University before working in the TV ministry up until his father’s passing.

His books have reportedly sold 3 million hardback copies worldwide and have appeared on the New York Times best-seller list. Fundamentalists and evangelicals are just two of Joel Osteen’s critics who contend that his “prosperity preaching” is consistent with Jesus’ ideas and teachings.

The Lakewood Church in Houston, which has America’s largest church membership, is led by this tenaciously upbeat spiritual leader.

Joel Osteen net worth Forbes

According to Forbes, Joel Osteen is one of the top 10 richest pastors with a net worth of $42 million.


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