Joel Turner IQ: What Is Joel Turner’s IQ?

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The capacity to make a shot under pressure. Everyone strives to achieve it. Focus is the key to success, whether you’re a beginner archer shooting balloons or an expert hunter or target shooter taking the shot of a lifetime.

At the Lancaster Archery Academy, we understand that making accurate shots under pressure is a skill that is possessed by many people, not just a select few. The truth is that with the proper training, any archer can perform well under pressure.

For more than twenty years, Joel Turner has worked as a police officer, firearms and archery instructor, and the sniper team leader for a SWAT team in the State of Washington. In 2009, he was appointed the Basic Law Enforcement Academy’s Lead Weapons Instructor.

Joel’s study and research were combined at that point to create Controlled Process Shooting and ShotIQ. He was aware that there had to be a technique to learn how to manage one’s thoughts during stressful shooting situations.

His experience working under duress has given him the ability to not only comprehend the processes involved in making decisions under pressure but also to develop a program that offers archers a roadmap for their future success.

Joel Turner IQ: What Is Joel Turner’s IQ?

Joel Turner’s IQ isn’t specified. His son Bodie Turner, who fired a perfect 660 at the 2022 Lancaster Archery Tournament at the age of 14, and the 2022 Vegas Shoot Champion are examples of Shot IQ’s success.


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