John Visentin Illness: What Disease Did John Visentin Have?

held the position of CEO at . He managed the company amid a challenging epidemic that caused the demand for printed goods and ink to fall. He died at the age of 59.
The company said that Steve Bandrowczak, president and chief operating officer at Xerox, would serve as interim CEO.
Visentin had a solid foundation in business and technology prior to taking the top job at Xerox. He worked for Exela Technologies, an automation firm, as the chairman’s advisor and an operational partner for Advent International.

He aimed to expand the company’s products after joining Xerox. For many years, Xerox had a reputation as a leading manufacturer of office equipment, particularly their xerographic copier, sometimes known as the Xerox machine.

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This large, commonplace device helped popularize the practice of creating photographic copies on paper.

John Visentin Illness: What Disease Did John Visentin Have?

At the age of 59, John Visentin passed away on June 28, 2022. According to a statement from the business, he passed away due to “complications from an existing illness.” A Xerox official declined to comment on the specifics of that illness or if Visentin informed the firm of it.

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