John Visentin Salary

was birthed in 1963 and is the CEO of . He was 59 years old at the time of his death.

John Visentin has a net worth of $25.2 million, according to reports.

In May 2018, Visentin, who served as Xerox’s vice chairman, agreed to accept Carl Icahn’s candidacy to lead the company.

Refinitiv records show that the activist investor’s company is the largest shareholder in the company.

Prior to that, Icahn had Visentin work as a consultant for him to aid in his campaign against Xerox, throughout which he urged the company to contemplate strategic options.

In addition, Visentin oversaw the company’s hostile $35 billion takeover attempt of HP, which Icahn had advocated for in 2020.

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That year, in reaction to a decline in demand driven by businesses’ reduced printing of papers, Xerox revealed a three-year cost-cutting plan beneath Visentin.

John Visentin salary

The total stated remuneration for John Visentin, Vice Chairman and CEO of Xerox Holdings, was $18,144,360.

This figure includes a supplemental grant of stock options worth more than $6 million.

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