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Johnny Depp’s Security Guard Testifies He Saw Amber Heard ‘Punch’ Star

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Travis McGivern asserted he saw Amber Heard punch a ‘stunned’ Johnny Depp during a contention in March 2015 as he was addressed in the continuous maligning preliminary.
Johnny Depp’s safety officer Travis McGivern affirmed that he saw Amber Heard punch the entertainer during a March 2015 episode, as he stood up on Monday, May 2. The safety officer attempted to get Johnny out of his loft during a contention with the Aquaman entertainer when he saw Amber rip into him. “By then somewhere off to the side I saw a clench hand and an arm run over my right shoulder. Also, I heard and saw a shut clench hand contact Mr. Depp in the left half of his face,” he said.
After Travis saw the supposed punch from Amber, he said that Johnny viewed “shock” all over, and he attempted to get him out of the condo. “I had allowed him to get hit by a Red Bull can and I let him get punched. My responsibility is to guarantee the security and prosperity of my clients and I felt like I hadn’t done that. So it was my chance to take care of my business and receive him in return,” he said.
Before they removed Johnny from the loft, the safety officer said that the entertainer’s eye was “enlarged and red,” and that he had a “little shiner.” Travis said that Johnny was “not satisfied,” and he went up against the watchman by getting “right in [his] face” after he got hit. “He was wearing glasses, pulled them down, highlighted the left half of his face, and told me, ‘That is your issue.’ And I concurred,” he said, prior to saying they left.
Maybe one or two security work force have affirmed at the $50 million maligning preliminary, giving their records of Johnny and Amber’s relationship. Johnny’s previous safety officer Malcolm Connolly talked on Thursday (April 28) evening, when he said that he could hear Amber “shouting” on certain events. Malcolm was likewise examined concerning whether he saw Johnny pee in the hall of their Australian home, and he said that he hadn’t seen it.

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