Jollof Issues A Warning To Married Women.

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Freedom Atsepoyi, a Nigerian comedian and businessman also known as Mr. Jollof, has advised women against inviting single friends to their marital house.

The comedian believed that a married woman and her female companion could develop a sexual relationship if they become too close.

According to Mr. Jollof, this can cause a marital problem since the husband may start to develop feelings for the other woman because she is younger than his wife.

He suggested that they go all out and make the husband a part of a threesome.

The comedian argued that in some situations, it might not be appropriate to blame the male for not being able to control himself when, in reality, it was the woman who was to blame.

Jollof Issues A Warning To Married Women.

He gave examples of women who allowed their friends to feel so at home in their marital house that they asked them to cook for their husbands or help them drop off the kids with their husbands, thereby causing a rift in their marriage.

“How many times must I tell you not to invite your single buddies over to your married home? You all are asking me what I have to say now that it has happened once more.

When two friends get too close, they start to “such” each other, which is when they become lesbians, and some go on to form a “threesome” with their husbands. Occasionally, men develop a greedy attitude because they believe their wives have become old cargo.


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