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Jon Cryer Recalls Wanting to End ‘Two And A Half Men’ Amid Charlie Sheen’s Downward Spiral

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It’s been a long time since Two and a Half Men circulated its series finale, and shut the book on a 12-season run loaded up with more in the background show than most dramas. Presently, star Jon Cryer is glancing back at his experience on the show, and the notorious high-profile explode with his long-lasting co-star Charlie Sheen.


Cryer as of late plunked down with ET’s Kevin Frazier and thought back on the show and descending winding that nearly finished the megahit sitcom.

“In the early years, the existence with Charlie Sheen was perfect. We got along perfect, he had been clearheaded for a long time when we began the show, and it meant a lot to him to keep sober,” Cryer shared. “What’s more, for those initial not many years, the show was additionally going so without a hitch.”


As Cryer reviewed, he was “struck by how extraordinary Charlie Sheen was at acting before a crowd of people,” on the grounds that being a celebrity and being a TV star with a live crowd to play to are altogether different abilities. “He just had it straight out of the case like it was hereditarily customized into his body. That was fun and extremely confident.”


“For those first two or three years, it was, you know, a mind-boggling bliss,” he shared.

All through the show, Cryer said Sheen had different undertakings and commitments, yet he “comprehended that approaching back to the show was home, and it was perfect.”


“Then, in later years, when we began seeing things were getting more bizarre for him, and his marriage self-destructed, he was as yet exquisite to work with, he actually arrived as expected and knew his lines and was finishing the work. However, you could see there was that there was some difficulty fermenting,” Cryer said.


“He began to dislike the composition and some of the time issues with the composing that I didn’t have any idea. I would agree, ‘This is the sort of joke you generally approved of 18 months prior, and abruptly now it’s an issue?’ So, you know, it was extremely unpretentious,” Cryer reviewed. “It took it took some time before it began truly spinning out of control.”


As Sheen’s way of behaving turned out to be more sporadic and he started to freely quarrel with maker Chuck Lorre, Cryer recollected how the media furor got rapidly and the story took on a unique kind of energy.

“It was a particularly insane firestorm. Indeed, even universally, you know? It resembled the greatest thing,” Cryer said.


As Sheen’s public explanations got progressively combustible and eccentric, Cryer said he and Lorre genuinely thought about finishing the show, as to not work with his way of behaving.

“I think uh there was a second where Chuck Lorre and I were taking a gander at one another and we said, ‘It’s not worth this show continuing if going on empowers Charlie Sheen to commit suicide.


Assuming that giving him enough cash to do anything that truly takes his life, you know, we would rather not be a piece of that,'” he made sense of.


“Furthermore, I think, really, when Charlie was given up from the show, the primary idea among the vast majority of us was, ‘alright, we’re finished. This has been something incredible be that as it may, uh, we’re finished as of now.'”


In any case, Lorre had an alternate thought. The show wound up killing off Sheen’s personality and welcomed on Ashton Kutcher for some fresh blood.

“He was simply so certain consistently and just brought such a huge amount to the table that we were each of the a little shell stunned after the Sheen madness,” Cryer said. “We had failed to remember how tense we were constantly we were all trusting that the following shoe will drop. What’s more, when Ashton came in with this simply unimaginable positive energy, we as a whole went, ‘Gracious, this can be fun once more!'”


In spite of the rollercoaster of dramatization and pressure, Cryer made sense of, “There was never a second where I said the show’s not worth the effort for me. Since the show, as far as I might be concerned, was perfect. I adored chipping away at it.”

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