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Jon Stewart Responds To Viral Op-Ed Suggesting He Run For President: ‘No Thank You’

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Jon Stewart immediately shut down the possibility of him being president after a viral commentary recommended he ought to campaign for office during the 2024 political race.

“Ummm… not this time,” the “Issue with Jon Stewart” TV have just answered on Twitter following the assessment piece distributed by Politico.

The article, named “Assuming Tucker Runs in 2024, Here’s Who the Democrats Need,” announced that Stewart is the Democratic Party’s most obvious opportunity with regards to keeping hold of the White House. The creator, Juleanna Glover, demands that Stewart is “a preferred fit over most legislators for what current legislative issues has become.”

Glover referred to the time that the previous “Day to day Show” have broadly brought down Tucker Carlson during a 2004 “Crossfire” episode, remarking that Stewart may be the main eminent rival assuming the Fox News have decides to run.

Rather than answering Glover’s comments, Stewart involved his time at the center of attention to cause to notice a veterans’ medical services charge that is at present being obstructed by Republicans.

“In any case, while I stand out, could every one of you (counting news organizations) if it’s not too much trouble, ask @PatToomey for what reason he is without any assistance slowing down a veterans medical services charge that passed w enormous bipartisan help over a detail?” Stewart, a long-term dedicated advocate for veterans, tweeted. “Requesting 3.5 million companions. Much appreciated!”

Glover, the CEO of a public warning firm that has overhauled Republicans like Rudy Giuliani and Dick Cheney, isn’t the principal individual to advocate Stewart for president. In June, during the service for Stewart’s Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, individual jokester Dave Chappelle said he wished Stewart would run for president, “yet I envision it would be hard for a coke fellow to do,” he kidded.

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