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Josh Duggar Sentenced To More Than 12 Years In Prison For Child Pornography

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Josh Duggar has been condemned to 151 months – – which is over 12 years – – in his kid porn case. On Wednesday, Judge Timothy L. Creeks gave over Josh’s sentence, over five months after the 34-year-old previous reality star was tracked down liable on two counts of getting and having youngster erotic entertainment.


One of Josh’s past accuses was likewise dropped of understanding between both the protection and arraignment. The court cleared count 2 without bias. Judge Brooks decided that Josh didn’t purposely disperse porn, and supported the safeguard’s issue with the upgrade of Josh’s sentence.

Josh’s group mentioned that he burn through five years in jail, while the arraignment mentioned the most extreme sentence of 20 years in jail.


Josh’s better half, Anna Duggar, and his dad, Jim Bob, were inside the court during condemning.

Recently, Josh’s lawful group presented a notice to the court, which was gotten by ET.

In the docs, Josh’s legal counselors mentioned a sentence of 60 months’ detainment. Josh was looking as long as 20 years in jail and fines up to $250,000 per count.


In the court docs, Josh’s legal advisors said he’d “carried on with an excellent life while exploring one of a kind difficulties related with being in the public spotlight since youth,” and requested that the court “remember him for the individual he is and the individual he can turn into.”


They proceeded to express that, preceding his conviction, Josh had “never been accused of, not to mention indicted for, a solitary criminal offense all through his whole life.”

They added that the dad of seven, who’s been hitched to his significant other, Anna Duggar, starting around 2008, has been “completely given to his family, and exemplified sacrificial demonstrations beyond the public spotlight that address his actual person.”


To attempt to show this case, Anna composed a letter to the court, which ET got. In it, she asked the appointed authority that he “consider rejoining us as a family again soon.”

“Joshua has endeavored to accommodate me and our (presently) seven youngsters.


Be that as it may, the most joyful piece of the day by a long shot is when Daddy returns home from work,” Anna wrote to a limited extent. “… Joshua is a drawn in father who readily tosses a football with his children, stands by listening to our girls play another tune they have learned on the piano, help answer schoolwork questions, or helps to clear up spilled saltines.


He is a sort, cherishing, strong, and caring dad and spouse – – his essential concentration throughout everyday life.”

Anna added, “Joshua is encircled by individuals who will urge him to keep on turning into the best man, father, and boss he can be.”

Josh’s brother by marriage, neighbor, father by marriage, and all the more likewise composed letters for his benefit, as did his mother, Michelle Duggar. In Michelle’s letter, which ET got, she composed that her child “has a delicate heart and… is merciful toward others.”


“Joshua is a cherishing and patient man, endeavoring to be a gift accommodate his family!” she composed. “… I stand prepared to offer my proceeded with affection and support to Joshua and his family and for their progress from here on out – – together! We ask that he be brought together with his significant other and family sooner rather than later.”


As indicated by court reports recently got by ET, Josh supposedly downloaded documents that contained pictures of sexual maltreatment of youngsters younger than 12 on his work PC at a trade-in vehicle showroom. The Associated Press revealed that the safeguard contended that the pictures might have been gotten to from a distance or added to Josh’s gadget by another party.


The jury agreed with the indictment, sentencing Josh on the two counts. At that point, the indictment said they were “extremely satisfied” with the decision and considered it a “huge achievement.” The indictment likewise said, “No individual is exempt from the rules that everyone else follows regardless of their status or distinction.” Josh’s lawyer said that they intend to pursue “in suitable time.”

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