Judi Dench Grandchild: Meet Sam Williams

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Many people in Sussex wish they could have the opportunity to meet Judi Dench, who is without a doubt one of the greatest English performers of all time.

With roles in films like James Bond, Pride & Prejudice, and Jane Eyre, to mention a few, the actress is well-known on television and along the Sussex/Surrey border as well.

The ‘Shakespeare in Love’ actress was born in York in 1934 and has seen professional success after career triumph.

The dame, who attended the Central School of Speech and Drama, is the proud recipient of not one but ten BAFTA awards and has been a familiar face on television for decades.

Judi Dench Grandchild: Meet Sam Williams

The son of Judi’s daughter Finty Williams, who was born in 1972, is also a well-known grandchild.

Sam Williams, Judi’s grandson, is 25 years old and has around 250k followers on TikTok. He is establishing a reputation for himself there.

With comparable ginger hair and facial traits to Ed Sheeran, Sam also has the amusing reputation of being a “lookalike” of the singer.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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