Julianna Farrait net worth

, commonly known as Julie Farrait, is the wife of Frank Lucas, a reputed heroin dealer. She has been detained on multiple occasions for her role in her husband’s business transactions.

Julianna was also jailed once for concealing money during a raid at her house in New Jersey. Julianna was caught trafficking cocaine in some years later when her husband was on the verge of leaving the drug business.

For breaching the drugs legislation, she was sentenced to five years in jail. After her husband flaunted an expensive coat set at an event, she was hauled into a big issue.

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Julianna’s life and character ‘Eva’ in the Oscar-nominated film ‘American Gangster’ were both inspired by Julianna.

Juliana is their first wife of Lucas.

Julianna Farrait net worth

It has been estimated that the entire Lucas family has a networth of $30 million. However, Julianna has only $1.5 million.

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