Justice for Slyvester Orimoni campaign is a complete waste of time, if he died, he has died no body cares – Man says

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When a foolish man speaks, don’t expect to hear wisdom from his mouth. So here we are crying for justice to be served to Sylvester Orimoni over the gruesome bullying he suffered in the hands of his mates at Dewon College.

Yet, some moron parading himself on social media is saying the call for justice is a waste of time. It angers me to write on it but read what he said below:

“This is not the first time a child is being murdered in Nigeria. This is not the first time. What do you want us to do to the kids who did the thing to him… those children are still underage, they are not even 18 and you are shouting justice, justice, justice. Things of this nature has happened in Nigeria and people have been shouting justice, justice, at the end of the day, what did they do?”

“Abeg make una komot for there jare and forget… Oga he has died, he has died there’s nothing you can do. Calm down. Even the people who were killed before have they even done justice for them? What are you people trying to say? Go and rest”

“A lot of people are coming to my DM with different stories…you people should go and rest, there’s no justice in anything”, he said in conclusion.

Watch the video below:


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