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K.O Gets Seal Of Approval From Rick Ross

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K.O has had his fair share of ups and downs throughout his career, which spans almost two decades. The veteran rapper’s current success, though, can’t be compared to any of their career highs.

The 42-year-old is attempting to expand into other markets as his diamond selling hit single “Sete” continues to climb the local charts.

With his current involvement with the alcoholic beverage company Luc Belaire, K.O appears to be aiming to make advances in North America after his recent pan-African “Sete” remix.

K.O joined the company’s CEO, Brett Berish, on Thursday night for an Instagram Live where he discussed his early career, the popularity of “Sete,” and his journey as a “Self Made” celebrity.

Oscar Mbo, Tyler ICU, Kid Tini, Yanga Chief, Kwesta, Priddy Ugly, and Da LES are just a few of the local celebrities that have previously joined Berish on the platform. Before introducing K.O., he said, “We love South Africa, we love all of Africa.

K.O continued by discussing his recent Constitution Hill rally, which Belaire had backed.“It was a blessing. First of all, we were looking for sponsors at the last minute and trust and believe the good team over here.”

The Belaire team was able to close a contract within a month after he got in touch with them, he continued.

Rick Ross, a Grammy-nominated rapper, commented on the Instagram Live conversation during it with the phrase “K.O hustling hard.”

Later, Berish questioned K.O about the precise time when he made the decision to go solo and leave the venerable local rap trio Teargas. This led to K.O telling an intriguing tale that she hasn’t often shared.

“It was not by choice, as a matter of fact. We had four successful albums and we ran the entire group thing to the last minute.

“But, towards the tail end of the group run, the chemistry was no longer there and one of the guys decided that he wanted to kick off his solo journey and we were still thinking the group is still gonna go on.

“So it kind of put us in a tight spot to also sort of now make the decision to venture in the same direction. That’s how pressure turned into a good thing cause it allowed me to dig deep and hit the ground running.”

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