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Kabza De Small Look-Alike Causes A Stir

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People mistakenly believed a recent graduate who posted a photo of himself online to be Kabza De Small.

A recent finding of a startling likeness between a South African graduate and well-known artist Kabza De Small has taken social media by storm in a world where celebrity lookalikes are prevalent.

People couldn’t help but notice how much @KydotBesii reminded them of Kabza De Small from Scorpion King when he posted his graduation photos on social media.

Tweeps were awestruck by the graduate’s resemblance to the famous artist even after realizing that it was not the genuine celebrity.

It is evident that the allure and unifying potential of celebrity likenesses can be surprising.

@mizar wrote: “Us’lalelisa i-Piano kanti uyafunda.” Translated: “He is making us listen to Ipiano while he is studying”.

@_shwabade_ added: “Kante what did you think he meant when he said private school piano.”

@Mamphephethe_10 commented: “Kabza de graduation gowns.”

@benjymalgas added: “Graduate from Amapiano University of Mjaivo.”

It seems that @KydotBesii has fought against these rumours for a very long time.

As a result, he clarified the situation on Twitter. He stated: “People are complaining that I’ve been studying while they were dancing to my piano songs, for the last time I’m not @KabzaDeSmall_I’m just a graduate looking for teaching employment.. or I might as well learn to produce.”

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