Kanye West flaunts his new Kim Kardashian Lookalike girlfriend

A recent photo of and his new girlfriend is currently making waves on the internet. The current girlfriend of West is a perfect “photocopy” of Kanye’s ex-wife, .

The woman identified as , a 24-year-old influencer was spotted in a picture posted on social media which saw the two lovebirds laughing together as Kanye West puts his hand on her waist.

Kim(right) | lookalike Chaney Jones (left)

Chaney has been donning lots of new Kim-inspired outfits lately, and Thursday night was no different. Chaney might have easily been confused for Kim Kardashian, even down to the bodysuit and sunglasses. She even had her hair slicked back in a Kim-like way.

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Source: Vimbuzz.com
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