Kevin Samuels child support: Did Kevin Samuels pay child support?

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Kevin Samuels is an American Youtuber, Life Coach, Image Consultant, Dating Expert, Social Media Influencer, as well as a musician. He owned a large property in Los Angeles, where his showroom was located.

On March 13th, 1965, Kevin Samuels was born. He was born in the United States, in Atlanta, Georgia. Kevin Samuels, also known as Kevin Samuels, is his real name.

Kevin graduated from Millwood High School. Kevin Samuels died on May 5, 2022. He only lived to be 56 years old when he died. His actual cause of death is unknown.

Kevin Samuels child support: Did Kevin Samuels pay child support?

Kevin Samuels’s legal paperwork, which may prove his history isn’t what he wants the world to believe, was leaked after his death.

The court documents obtained by Kevin Samuels are from a child support calculation he and his ex-wife made to determine how much child support would be paid.

People have been left dumbfounded by what they’ve seen. From the court documents, Kevin Samuel’s ex-wife was most likely the household’s head.

If you judge by the statistics given in this legal filing, he wasn’t supporting her financially; rather, Kevin Samuels’ ex-wife was.

Kevin Samuel’s ex-wife was paid nearly four times as much per month as he was.

Given that Kevin Samuels preaches that high-value men should be the breadwinners in their partnerships, this appears to be a further indication that his real life is or was the polar opposite.

Kevin Samuels’ monthly gross income was $898, according to child support filings, while his wife’s monthly gross income was $2,448. Every month, his wife brought in 73.3 per cent of the revenue.

It’s not difficult to figure out who was most likely paying the bills.

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