Though it has yet to be confirmed by his family, it has been widely reported that self-proclaimed guru and image consultant has died. He was 56 at the time.

Melanie King, a friend of Samuels, said she received “family confirmation” that the creator of Modern Women was dead, according to several reports. “This is 100 percent,” says King, who is described as his female counterpart.

Despite the fact that no one from Samuel's family or team has confirmed or posted a statement, unconfirmed reports claim Samuels died of a heart attack.

Samuels died of “cardiac arrest,” according to the Plug Talk Instagram account, but the post provided no proof. Other Instagram accounts have promoted the same story, but there is no proof.

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Kevin Samuels Bio

Kevin Samuels was a well-known and respected Youtuber, Image Consultant, Life and Dating Expert, and Social Media Influencer.

He was born on March 13, 1965. Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States, is where he was born.

He was also well-known as a motivational speaker who helped people and businesses get back on track.

He rose to prominence by commenting on and advising people, particularly the black community.

He was a gifted individual.

Kevin Samuels Movies: List Of Movies That Kevin Samuels Acted In

This is what he has to say when Future had him on the show:

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