YouTuber and relationship expert who is known as has been confirmed dead at the age of 5 after suffering from cardiac arrest. It was confirmed by his mother.
As a result of his demise, Samuels's name became a trending topic on Twitter on the 5th of May, 2022 afternoon.

An Instagram account with the name Plug Talk alleged that Kevin Samuels succumbed to “cardiac arrest,” but the post did not offer the source of its report. Other Instagram users quickly clasped onto that same news without offering any confirmation.

The reports of Samuels' death sparked from a single social media post asserting he died Thursday morning.

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Kevin Samuels Saweetie: Who Rated Saweetie A 6?

Kevin Samuels in 2021 trended on social media online following some of his statements about beauty limits for women.

Kevin Samuels was hosted by rapper turned podcast host Joe Budden for an interview on The Joe Budden Podcast.

During their discussion, Kevin Samuels shared his opinion that women nowadays feel they're all a 10 and it's a fallacy because there are ‘limits' to the beauty standard.

He rated actress Pam Grier as an 8 based on movies she starred in during the 70s.

He proceeded with his self-proclaimed ranking system and called popular rapper Saweetie, ‘an adjustable 6.'

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