, a YouTube sensation and self-proclaimed relationship guru, died today, according to reliable sources at “REVOLT Black News” (May 5).

He was well-known for dating advice and YouTube videos, where he advertised himself as a “image consultant.”

“How Much Does It Cost to Submit?” is one of his most popular videos.

” and “Are Modern Women at Best Average?”

He recently sparked outrage on social media after saying that unmarried women aged 35 and up are considered “leftover women.”


“You're a leftover if you live to be 35 and haven't married.” You're a straggler. “Men are aware that you may have a problem,” he explained. “I'll accompany you whether you want to hear it or not.” I'm going to tell you something you don't want to hear.”

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Despite being twice divorced and claiming to be single, Samuels was never afraid to speak his mind on the subject of relationships.

Early this evening, rumors of his death began circulating on Twitter and other social media platforms, sparking an online debate between Samuels' supporters and detractors. Those who share the influencer's ideology have accused his detractors of celebrating his death.

Kevin Samuels young pictures

Let's check out Kevin's young pictures:


Source: Vimbuzz.com
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