‘Kevin Spacey Exploited The ‘Enormous Power Imbalance’ Between Himself And His Four Victims To Make Them Feel ‘Worthless’, S3x Assault Trail Hears

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A court was told that American actor Kevin Spacey allegedly took advantage of the ‘enormous power imbalance’ between him and his victims to make them feel unimportant.

The 63-year-old Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey is charged with molesting four men between 2001 and 2013 “for his own sexual gratification.”

The House of Cards actor is a “sexual bully,” according to the testimony given to the jury, who took pleasure in making his attack victims feel “powerless and uncomfortable.”

In her closing speech prosecutor Christine Agnew KC told jurors: ‘What we say is this is not simply a strength in numbers case.

‘What this is are four separate men who have firstly told their friends and family, then gone to the police to say what happened to them and then come to court to give their accounts… You will have to decide why each has come in individually.’

Ms. Agnew said: ‘Are they all motivated by “money, money and money” as you were rather dramatically told by this defendant? Or have they simply had enough?

‘Have they decided they are no longer prepared to be the secret-keeper for someone who treated them so badly, someone who sexually abused them, all those years ago?’

The ‘shine of the limelight’ persisted throughout this case, Ms. Agnew reminded the jury. She stated: ‘It is the defendant on trial and not the complainants.

‘Consider the position they have put themselves in in coming to police and appearing in court.

‘It is, you might think, no small or trifling matter for someone to come to court.

‘Reporting this type of crime is difficult for all parties involved. The glare of the spotlight, you might think, places an additional burden upon them.
‘And it is not only them who give their evidence, but their friends and family – they are placed under the same spotlight.

‘Their shame or embarrassment in not having encouraged a loved one to speak up.’

With the alleged offences having all occurred before the MeToo movement, Ms. Agnew said: ‘It was, even up until 2013, a different time.

‘Mr Spacey Fowler was and is a powerful man. He was so famous, who would believe them?

‘You’ve heard a number of witnesses say it would have, at the time they considered it, ruined their lives.

‘You’ve heard that it might just have been a fleeting grab of the crotch.
‘It’s not. It’s a violation of their bodily autonomy, it made them feel small, it made them feel diminished, it made them feel worthless.’

Ms. Agnew went on: ‘Mr. Spacey Fowler returned to this country to face trial – you may think he had little choice.

‘The allegations were brought, he had to essentially put up or shut up.
‘I told you at the beginning not to be star-struck. I hope you would come to agree with us, coming to the court everyday becomes like going to work.

‘You are here to weigh up the evidence in this case.

‘It doesn’t matter who that person is, who steps up into the witness box, you will decide what to make of the defendant, just as you decide what to make of the complainants.’

Spacey was a “patron of the arts,” a “very celebrated and lauded actor,” and “kind to those he chooses to be kind to,” according to the prosecution. But she also said:’History is littered with those who choose to be kind to some and not to others.’

Ms. Agnew referred to Spacey’s testimony when she told the jury that the actor was effectively trying to instruct them on how to carry out their duties in the courtroom.

‘You will decide whether these men jumped on a bandwagon, if such a bandwagon existed, whether that crotch grab was just a coincidence or if that is what happened.

‘It’s a hell of a coincidence that [all the complainants] talk about it in such a distinctive way.

‘I asked him (Spacey) if he felt that [crotch grabbing] was an appropriate first move. He conceded it was not.

‘How could it ever be an appropriate first move? It’s just not.’
She added: ‘Four men unknown to each other, each make a series of allegations against another.

‘And you will have to decide, ladies and gentlemen, why and how.’

Earlier, for procedural reasons, the judge, Mr Justice Wall, instructed the jury to’strike through’ four counts of indecent assault against Spacey’s first accuser.

The Hollywood celebrity is now denying five sexual offences against his first victim.

Justice Wall told jurors: ‘You will not be asked to return verdicts on any of those counts.’

The individual asserts that Spacey abused him “a good dozen times” and that one of the incidents took place in a car when they were travelling to one of Elton John’s early 2000s $1 million “White Tie and Tiara” balls.

Now, between January 1, 2001, and June 24, 2005, Spacey is accused of three counts of sexual assault and one count of inducing another person to engage in sexual intercourse without their consent against the first complainant.

The 63-year-old double Oscar winner denies two counts of sexual assault on a second man on March 20, 2005, during a dress rehearsal for a charity event.

Additionally, he denies sexual assault and instigating penetrating sexual behavior against a hopeful actor in his Waterloo flat between August 1 and August 31, 2008.

At his opulent vacation house in the Cotswolds on April 1, 2013, Spacey is accused of sexually assaulting the fourth complainant, which he denies.

Between 2001 and 2013, he is said to have attacked four males “for his own sexual gratification.”

Jurors have been informed that the celebrity is a “sexual bully” who takes pleasure in making his victims of assault feel “powerless and uncomfortable.”

According to testimony given at Southwark Crown Court, Spacey committed crimes involving grabbing, squeezing, and groping his four victims’ genitalia and buttocks while they were clothed.

He now contests nine counts in total, including seven counts of sexual assault, one count of coercing someone into having intercourse without their consent, and one count of coercing someone into having penetrative sex without their consent.

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