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Kim Kardashian’s New Skin Care Line, SKKN By Kim, Sued For Trademark Infringement

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Kim Kardashian is confronting a claim over her new skincare lines, SKKN and SKKN BY Kim. The truth star and beauty care products big shot is blamed for “headstrong encroachment” of a purportedly prior brand name and logo, in a claim documented by Beauty Concepts, a little, Brooklyn-based beauty care products organization.

In the claim, recorded on Tuesday and acquired by ET, Beauty Concepts – – possessed by esthetician Cydnie Lunsford – – claims that they have utilized the brand name SKKN+ since August 2018.

The claim affirms that Beauty Concepts reached out to Kardashian and Coty – – the beauty care products organization working with Kardashian on the line, and claims that Kardashian and Coty “didn’t quit it in any case, running against the norm, upon data and conviction, determinedly and purposely decided to continue with their arrangements to utilize the SKKN and SKKN BY KIM brand in complete dismissal of Beauty Concepts’ unrivaled brand name freedoms.”

Kardashian’s legal counselor, Michael Rhodes, denied the claims made in the claim, telling ET on Wednesday, “This claim isn’t the very thing that it appears. SKKN BY KIM is another brand that continues in the strides of Ms. Kardashian’s fruitful KKW line of items.

Expanding on free innovative work, her organization documented a brand name application for SKKN BY KIM to safeguard the new marked items.”

Rhodes guarantees that the claim is a “investigation exertion” by Beauty Concepts, and states, “We extol Ms. Lunsford for being an entrepreneur and following her fantasies.

In any case, that doesn’t give her the option to unjustly guarantee that we’ve accomplished something wrong.”

“In its letter, Beauty Concepts professed to possess privileges to a logo comprised of SKKN+, and had recently petitioned for brand name security for that logo.

The business was a one-individual shop offering facials from a solitary Brooklyn area. The salon had no signage and was by arrangement as it were.

As far as anyone is concerned, Beauty Concepts sold no items under the SKKN+ name,” Rhodes claims. “Excellence Concepts asked that we drop the SKKN name. Obviously we said no. Excellence Concepts then tested Ms. Kardashian’s brand name applications at the USPTO. Obviously, the USPTO dismissed Beauty Concepts’ own SKKN+ mark saying that ‘skkn’ simply signifies ‘skin.'”

“Unafraid, Beauty Concepts then, at that point, attempted to cause its business to appear to be more than it was – it rented another retail facade, transformed it site, and so on,” Rhodes asserts. “A few times we connected with Beauty Concepts, attempting to track down a reasonable way to concurrence. We brought up that maintaining a little esthetician business in Brooklyn doesn’t give it the option to close down a worldwide skincare line.

Eventually, Beauty Concepts didn’t actually draw in with us past requesting huge amount of cash. Since we’ve done nothing out of sorts, we held fast.”

In the claim, Beauty Concepts asserts that Kardashian and Coty “have utilized their distinction to promptly make extraordinary business progress and brand mindfulness with the items sold under the SKKN BY KIM brand.”

The claim further contends that, “Were it not for the determined encroachment and usurpation of the SKKN+ Brand … Ms. Lunsford’s and Beauty Concepts’ development direction and future achievement were guaranteed. They are presently in risk because of the tenacious and ill-advised activities of the Defendants.”

Excellence Concepts is requesting that this suit go to preliminary by jury, and is requesting that the court grant them “harms, including, however not restricted to, compensatory harms, legal harms, compensation, spewing of benefits, improved harms, corrective harms, and prejudgment and post-judgment interest.”

Moreover, the claim is requesting that Kardashian and Coty “pay for and carry out a mission of restorative publicizing and to spew its not well gotten gains and to pull out all USPTO brand name applications highlighting SKKN or SKKN BY KIM.”

In his explanation to ET, Rhodes claims, “We think the case is less about the law of brand names and more about attempting to use a settlement by taking steps to hurt Ms. Kardashian’s name and notoriety. That won’t work and we anticipate communicating our perspective in court.”

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