King Charles security fake arms video

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Although the funeral for Queen Elizabeth II took place on Monday, some people are obsessed on a strange new conspiracy theory that has been going around on social media, according to which King Charles III’s bodyguards are allegedly wearing fake hands.

According to viewers on TikTok, the bodyguards are putting prosthetic arms in their sleeves before putting their real hands on the hidden guns within their coats.

The King and his bodyguards were seen in a video posted by Jason, who uses the handle @jase the ace on the platform, mingling with onlookers outside Buckingham Palace.

They supposedly do this so they can hold a gun in case they need to draw it and deal with any possible assassins.

King Charles’ bodyguards are permitted to carry guns, despite the fact that private bodyguards are not permitted to do so in the UK.

King Charles security fake arms video

Below is the video of King Charles security fake arms;

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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