Korean grading system middle school

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In South Korea, a student’s grade in academic subjects is determined by the type of school in which they are enrolled. A letter-based grading system, comparable to that used in American schools, is utilized in the university setting.

The numerical totals that result from adding up the letter grades might range anywhere from 0.0 to 4.5. Even in Middle School, students continue to use the letter system.

Korean grading system middle school

A student’s raw score on midterms and finals would be translated to a point value out of a possible five, and this point value would then be used in the regular grading system at all Korean secondary schools (out of 100).

The system was derived from the Japanese grading system of shuyuryoka, and it differed from its original form by the inclusion of the class mi.

Middle schools in South Korea continue to adopt this grading method:


In general, students are not held back in Korean schools. As a result, an ‘E’ grade is still a passing mark.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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