Korean grading system percentage

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Academic grading in South Korea varies according to the sort of school it is a part of. In universities, grades are assigned using a letter grade system akin to those in American schools. The sum of the letter grades might result in averages with numbers ranging from 0.0 to 4.5. Middle School also uses the letter system.
All Korean secondary schools previously employed a five-point grading scale that was calculated from each student’s ungraded midterm and final results (out of 100).
With the addition of the class mi, the system was a modification of the shuyuryoka Japanese grading system.
The High School academic grading system was converted from an absolute to a relative grading system by the Ministry of Education in October 2004.


Based on students’ relative status among all other students enrolled in the same class that semester, the updated grading system assigns 19 ranks to each student.


Korean grading system percentage

Letter Percent
A+ 95-100%
A 90-95%
B+ 85-90%
B 80-85%
C+ 75-80%
C 70-75%
D+ 65-70%
D 60-65%
F <60%
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