Kourtney Kardashian Reveals She Was Told To Drink Travis Barker’s Semen To Help With Fertility


was told by a doctor to drink ’s semen “four times each week.” Bible.

The Poosh pioneer shared this goody from her fruitfulness process during the May 26 episode of Hulu’s The Kardashians, in which she and the Blink-182 drummer met with Ayurvedic master Martha Soffer. During the gathering, Kourtney told the health master she was having torment in her shoulder and examined her thyroid levels.


“I can’t recollect what he said, in the event that it was low or high,” Kourtney noted of her most recent regular checkup. “Yet, he told us, indeed, he told me, that what might help it was drinking [Travis’] come, similar to, four times each week.”

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Martha gave a slight laugh at the surprising idea and Travis answered, “I love this specialist.”

It appears to be that Kourtney and Travis didn’t heed this guidance and on second thought set out on Martha’s purify, which expected the couple to swear off exercise, sex and caffeine.


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“Our last egg recovery was not effective,” Kourtney made sense of in a confession booth. “Thus, our new thing that we will be attempting is a Panchakarma purge, which is Ayurvedic. It resembles 3,000 years of age.”

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The motivation behind this purge? To “get every one of the poisons that are profound inside our tissue out of our bodies [to have] better-quality eggs,” as indicated by Kourtney.


However, try not to stress over Kourtney and Travis: They may swear off a portion of life’s delights, yet they came by Martha’s spa for an entire week, where they appreciated rubs, oil medicines, and steams.

“I’m really thankful that Travis is doing this with me,” Kourtney said on The Kardashians. “I don’t figure I could do it all alone. I simply feel like it’s something we need to do together. We’re making a child together, we must be in total agreement.”

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The couple is positively in total agreement nowadays. On May 22, Kourtney and Travis had their third wedding function, in Portofino, Italy, trading promises before friends and family, including Kourtney’s family — Kris Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, , and Kendall Jenner — and Travis’ children Landon Barker, Alabama Barker, and stepdaughter Atiana De La Hoya.

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