KRS-One net Worth

Lawrence Parker was born on August 20, 1965, in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. He is popularly known as KRS-One.

His mother is an American while his father is from Trinidad. At the age of16, Parker left home to become an MC and ended up living in a homeless shelter in the South Bronx. He later became involved in the street art graffiti scene, working under the alias KRS-One. More importantly, Parker met and started a DJ/MC relationship with youth counsellor Scott Sterling, with whom he developed the hip hop group Boogie Down Productions.


KRS-One Net Worth

KRS One is a well-known American rapper, record producer, actor and activist who has an estimated net worth of $6 million.

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He is a rapper who became popular in the 80s as part of the hip hop group Boogie Down Productions, which enabled him to pioneer the fusion of rap and reggae.


Later, in 1993, he started releasing solo albums under his name. Among KRS-One’s biggest hit songs includes “Sound of da Police,” “My Philosophy,” and “Love’s Gonna Get’cha (Material Love)



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