Kwaku Manu Blames Fetish Practices For Kumawood’s Decline

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The Kumawood film business in Kumasi has been declining in popularity and relevance, which can be due to a variety of issues.

The absence of high-quality content production is one major issue facing the industry.

Kwaku Manu, a well-known performer in Kumawood, has brought attention to another concerning problem facing the sector. He has voiced his worries about certain people turning to occult rituals in an effort to impede the advancement of their peers in the film industry.

Kwaku Manu revealed that certain actors and actresses engage in these mystical practices in order to derail the careers of their more successful friends. He notably addressed a worrying tendency in which certain industry people seek the help of fetish priests to plot the demise of their more successful peers.

Kwaku Manu

He underlined the relevance of pursuing a moral path in the entertainment industry and stressed how important it is for aspiring artists to have a strong connection with their faith in God, which can work as a shield against future attacks.

Kwaku Manu’s findings sparked debate in the Kumawood community, prompting a closer look at ethical behavior and standards in the sector. His comments highlight the importance of creating a healthier and more supportive working environment for all actors and actresses in Ghana’s film industry.


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