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Kwesta Finally Explains The Story Behind His Hoarse Voice

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The most recent guest on Zingah’s YouTube program “Choppin It Up With Bhuda T” was veteran local rapper Kwesta.

The “Spirit” hitmaker talked with Zingah about his career path, getting married, and what’s next up in his illustrious career.

Kwesta, who is currently in his 16th year of music production, also discussed the success of “N’gud,” one of his most significant professional achievements.

Finally, he answered the long-standing question about his voice’s peculiar texture.

“A cousin of mine got me into cigarettes, it wasn’t even something that I thought was cool,” he said. “I mean I go to multi-racial schools, I could find other things cool. I think poetry’s cool at that point.”

“This is not natural, I wasn’t born with it,” he added.

“It was cultivated. So a cousin of mine got into smoking cigarettes… but I always sh** on him and kind of went ‘The f*** are you doing?’ I was acting all high and mighty, all righteous and sh**.”

He continued by saying that he had tried it once and felt dizzy, vowing never to take it again. However, he later gave it another go and even developed a habit.

“I’ve smoked for a very long time and the voice kind of broke.

“You know when it breaks because you’re growing and then it breaks because you’ve been f**king it up the whole time? So that’s what happened with this voice.”

Kwesta said that on August 12 at Carnival City, he will present his own one-man concert to celebrate the 16th year of his profession.

“I literally went to Carnival City and asked if they had a specific date for me. They had plenty and then I chose one.” According to Kwesta, he choose August 12 because it falls the day after his birthday. “And I dropped the deposit for that to kind of secure the date, and my year has been filled with anxiety since because I just had this convo with self. To stop myself from backing out of it, I made an immediate commitment.”

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