Kylie Jenner Legally Changes Son’s Name At 16 Months

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Kylie Jenner’s son is now legally known as Aire Webster. The American rapper Travis Scott, 32, and the 25-year-old makeup mogul had their second child in February 2022, making him Stormi Webster’s, 5, younger sibling.

E! News was able to get court records proving that Wolf Jacques Webster has just assumed the name Aire.

The couple announced last year that they had changed their son’s name. According to the founder of Kylie Cosmetics, it “just didn’t suit him.”

Kylie first revealed her son as Aire on social media in early January of this year.

Kylie has already made an attempt to explain the name change for Aire, which means Lion of God: ‘We didn’t really have a name, I just thought it was going to come to us when we saw him and it didn’t. she said

’24 hours before we had to sign the birth certificate, or else they just register him without a name and he doesn’t get a social security number… So I felt the pressure to choose a name, and then Khloe said, the day before we sign, “What about Wolf?”.

‘I like the WW, so we just put Wolf Webster in that moment. Right after I signed the birth certificate, I was like, “What did I just do?” It’s a part of his story but his name has changed.’ she added

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