Lady Who Foretold AKA’s Demise Two Years Ago Makes Prediction On Tems And Future

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A Nigerian seer who predicted South African rapper Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes’ death predicts that American rapper Future will marry Nigerian songstress Tems.

On Twitter, the lady known as Ahunna Scarlet Ejiogu warned the South African musician in 2021 to avoid mafia friendships and gatherings because a gunshot could kill him.

She had, in May 2021, tweeted:

“God says: South Africa’s Rap artist, AKA should beware of a gunshot that will take his life.

He should avoid mafia friendships and gatherings or else he will become a target #SouthAfrica”

Her prognosis appears to be accurate given the circumstances surrounding AKA’s passing on February 10, 2023.

Lady Who Foretold AKA’s Demise Two Years Ago Makes Prediction On Tems And Future

Following this, the lady has made a new prediction on Future, an American rap star, and Tems, a Nigerian Afrobeats singer.

She predicted that Tems would be the one to make Future settle down because they were both getting married.

In her words:

“God says: Music Artists, Future and Tems will eventually get married. Tems will use her African maternal hand to tame Future into marital submission @future @tems”

Social media reactions

Experts Home stated: “I am having an existential crisis, I don’t know what to do with life that will make me live a fulfilled and happy life till the end of my days. I am at a stand still and there are many things that need to be done but I have a problem starting.”

Soma Stone cold said: “I’ve never been so scared and chilled in my life before as I was going through all your tweet last night.”

Obi Datti commented: “Y’all following this account have guts. I’m having goosebumps and chills after all I read on her page, I can’t do it.”


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