Laurent Ocon Net Worth

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Laurent Ocon, like his wife Sabr ina Ocon, has a history in motorsports. Laurent was a rally driver, and Sabrina raced go-karts. They met at a go-kart track, and their common enthusiasm for racing inspired them to form their own karting team.

They encouraged their son’s passion in racing from an early age and helped him get started in karting.

Laurent Ocon also worked as Esteban’s manager early in his career. Laurent and Sabrina Ocon have had a huge impact on their son’s racing career.

They not only gave him the opportunity to begin karting at an early age but also acted as his support system during his road to becoming an F1 racer. Esteban benefitted greatly from Laurent’s expertise as a rally driver and Sabrina’s background in go-kart racing, which provided him with a solid grounding in motorsports.

Laurent Ocon Net Worth

Laurent Ocon has net worth of $18 million

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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