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Since June 2014, when prosecutors claim Ross Harris, Taylor’s ex-husband, abandoned the 22-month-old in his SUV and caused his death, Taylor’s life hasn’t been the same. Leanna referred to such a worry as “what I regarded an illogical fear.” How do you fail to notice your child is present?

Harris would eventually be charged with malice murder and other felonies, found guilty by a jury, and sentenced to life in prison by a court.

Harris allegedly wanted Cooper dead so he could live a childless life, according to the prosecution.

Leanna claimed she is adamant that what occurred was an awful accident.

“This does happen. Other families have experienced it, and in those situations, it has been shown to be an accident, she added.

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It’s terrible to try to understand as a parent that you might leave your kid in the car and endanger them.

Ross, according to Taylor, was a devoted, loving father.

Net Worth

Leanna Taylor’s current net worth is unknown.

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