Former Level up Contestant and winner of the season 7 level-up show, popularly known as has revealed the level of her relationship with .

The 25-year-old said this during one of her interviews alongside , Daniella, and Bryann, at a point, the interviewer asked if Groovy is still in the picture, and she replied as follows:

: For now, it's on the low, let me check my 100 Million first

Interviewer: You use and dumped him? Someone you collected from another woman. told you to approach him on her behalf

Phyna: he approached me to be his girlfriend. The 100M plenty, we want to eat the money in private. We want it low-key. We have concluded that we want it private because there is too much tension everywhere.

Watch the interview video in which Phyna made such a revelation about her relationship with Groovy below:

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