Lia Thomas Before And After Photos

Transgender swimmer of the University of Pennsylvania is a 22-year-old young lady known for being good at swimming and representing the various schools she has attended in the Olympics. She comes from a family where they were trained to swim and she has been doing that since her childhood. Her older brother who is also at the University of Pennsylvania is a swimmer.


Lia has been battling with issues with regard to her swimming career because of her transgender nature. She was made to swim in the male category while she underwent hormone therapy with the hopes of getting her female hormones to be stronger than the male side.

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Other swimmers who are not transgender have complained bitterly about her being in the women’s category. They say this is mere cheating because she could not go any further when she was in the male category but when she was brought into the female category she has taken control of all the titles because she is exceptionally stronger than the rest of the women.


Before And After Photos

Just as she keeps popping up over her issues which she obviously did not cause and would not wish she had that can of problem, her before and after photos. She looked more masculine before she went for surgery to better her appearance which did not work so well as expected. See photos below:

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BEFORE surgery this is how she looked like.


AFTER the surgery was done, she became this whole new person with broader and wider chest.



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3 thoughts on “Lia Thomas Before And After Photos”

  1. That “BEFORE” picture…..
    Is NOT Lia Thomas… At ALL.

    That is the Trans MAN swimmer Iszak Henig who beat Lia in the 100m breaststroke by nearly THREE SECONDS…. WITHOUT Hormone Replacement Therapy….

    That picture you are using as a “before”….
    Was taken AFTER the competition… 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    You transphobic morons can’t even figure out who the hell you’re spreading LIES about….

    Congratulations…. YOU PLAYED YOURSELF!!!

    Lia Thomas is 5ft 8in tall… Erica Sullivan (who came in 3rd place)… Is 5ft 8in tall…

    Lia Thomas was 10 seconds SLOWER than the record in the women’s 500M freestyle…. She finished 0.0037 SECONDS faster than LAST YEARS champion in the same NCAA event….
    That race is 20 laps long… She finished with just under a 2 second lead…. That means she was LESS THAN 0.001 SECONDS faster than her competition per lap ON AVERAGE…..

    Before Lia started HRT she was 10 seconds SLOWER than the record in mens 500M freestyle…. She is 15 SECONDS SLOWER after HRT….

    She has NO “UNFAIR” ADVANTAGE you transphobic idiots.


  2. That isn’t Lia Thomas. That’s a trans man. Lia Thomas goes to Penn, not Yale. You noted that after transition her chest got wider and broader and she looked like a different person. Lol that’s because IT’S NOT THE SAME PERSON.

  3. Trannies are either flamboyant queers living out a demeaning caricature of womanhood, or they are maniac dykes jacked up on testosterone.


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