Liposuction Doesn’t Build Confidence – Blessing Okoro

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Renowned Nigerian social media influencer, entrepreneur, and relationship expert, Blessing Okoro has said that cosmetic surgeries do not in any way build up the confidence of a woman.

This comes after a fan took to her DM in relation to her newly acquired body. The fan revealed that she lacked self-confidence and as such decided to go under the knife.

“I knew it that one day I will go through the knife for the perfect body. I just can’t wait to have money for it. I need self-confidence right now because I lacked it already.”




Responding to the said fan, Blessing Okoro explained that liposuction does not build up the self-confidence of a person. She added that self-confidence is an inbuilt personality and encouraged ladies to build themselves from the inside out.

“Liposuction don’t build confidence, confidence is an inbuilt personality. Liposuction is just cosmetic. So my ladies build yourself inside before outside so u can face all this trolls and haters 😀😀. Liposuction won’t stop them from dragging you oooo.”

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