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Lizzo Jokes About Chris Evans Pregnancy Rumors As Saturday Night Live Host

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This weekend, Lizzo made her introduction as a host on Saturday Night Live and a return execution as the night’s melodic visitor, pulling twofold obligation. Obviously, she did an amazing job with her initial discourse.

The melodic craftsman has a comical inclination about herself in interviews and via virtual entertainment, and she carried that energy to the show right away.

“I go by Lizzo and, indeed, I’m stunned I have garments on as well,” she kidded after a warm gathering from the crowd. “I’m truly invigorated. This evening, we will impact the world forever! Truth be told, we will break the record for how much time ‘b-tch’ is said on live TV!”

She then, at that point, chose to “address a few tales” she’s caught wind of herself on the web, and why it made her a piece apprehensive to have.

Lizzo made sense of a smidgen more about what it was preferred to be anxiously facilitating an episode of Saturday Night Live.

“I know stunning I’m apprehensive on the grounds that I’m the person who said, ‘I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100 percent that b-tch,'” Lizzo made sense of. “Indeed, truth be told, I’m truly similar to 50 percent ‘that b-tch,’ 10% ‘supervisor b-tch,’ and 40 percent ‘woodwind playing, band geek b-tch.'”

She added, “However I’m excited to have this specific episode, particularly on the grounds that I in all actuality do adore this evening’s melodic visitor: Me!”

Most certainly seems like she came around.

“I read a great deal online that I’m dating every last white kid in Hollywood,” Lizzo said. “They believe I’m gathering individuals from one heading like boundlessness stones. I even heard talk that I’m pregnant with Chris Evans’ child. I have no clue about where that one began.”

However, at that point, she added, “It very well may be the TikTok where I said, ‘I’m pregnant with Chris Evans’ child.’ It’s called showing, alright?”

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