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Lost For 40 Years, Man Reunites With Family On Nhyira FM’s Obra Show

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Lost but found. Aman who went missing for 40 years and over now reunited with his family. per the narration, he used to work with a Cargo ship that moves from Ghana to Italy he goes and comes back but during one of the trips, he went and never came. No one knew where exactly he ended.

It has been the help of a reverend father by name of Rev. Father Stephen Yaw Manu that found him in Italy and upon interrogation got to know he is from Ghana. He saw some documents in his possession that proved he is truly from Ghana.

He then contacted the Social Welfare department and through Nhyira FM they were able to locate his family and he has been brought to Ghana.

They have reunited on Nhyira FM during the show that is dubbed Obra. This is great news. 40 years and found alive and back home. He needs to be celebrated.

man reunites with family on Nhyira Fm’s Obra Show


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