Lottie Moss phone number & OnlyFans photos

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Lottie Moss is not happy right now as a former close friend of hers betrayed her by leaking her phone number and OnlyFans photos.

The content creator who joined OnlyFans last year took to her Instagram handle to cry out.

According to her, she keeps receiving calls and messages from strange numbers after her contact got leaked.


In the video, Lottie Moss called her ex-pal “an evil human being”. She said the person has been telling people to spread the photos on social media so that it can go viral.

A concerned fan drew her attention to it via her DM on Instagram.

The message read: “He’s telling the boys in the group chat to sub to your OnlyFans and leak the pictures to your mother’s Instagram.”

Lottie Moss earnings on OnlyFans

Lottie Moss sometime back boasted that she earns thousands of dollars from OnlyFans on a monthly basis.

Fans of Lottie are able to view her raunchy content if they pay £14/$20 a month and can pay up to £1,000 for a nude video.

Eager supporters of her can pay an additional £50/$70 fee to be able to contact her on the app through messages.

Lottie began her OnlyFans career last year after posted naked snaps to a similar website named Dream, according to The Sun.

It is rather unfortunate her photos has been leaked out there.

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