Majority Of Religious Fanatics I Know Are Very Wicked – Mary Remmy Njoku

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Season Nollywood actress and director of ROK Studios, Mary Remmy Njoku has revealed that most of the people who she has come across that claim to be Christians are just wicked people and always use the Bible to find faults in others.


In a post shared on her Instagram story, the thespian stated that most religious fanatics she has come across hate children, happy people, and devote their entire lives to finding flaws in others despite spending their entire week in church.


“I am wary of religious fanatics who judge people in the name of Christ and act as gatekeepers to heaven.

Real Christians are good people. Living a ‘christ-like’ life. Unfortunately for me, the majority of the religious fanatics I have met are very wicked yet they are in church 6days a week. They hate children. They hate happy people.

They devote their lives to finding faults in everything you do or say. Always misinterpreting the Bible to defend their shady decisions.

I avoid them. May God bless the people who live a christ-like life irrespective of their religion. They are the real Christians”.




At the peak of Yul Edochie’s marriage saga, Mary Njoku opined that women also get bored living and enjoying their sexual lives with only one man.

She hinted that if it is okay for a man to cheat, then a woman should also be allowed to enjoy herself outside her marriage.


“Dear married men, if your wife cannot satisfy your ‘inner room’ needs kindly ‘open’ your marriages and with her blessing, you can have peace of mind to discretely share your ‘talent’ with the world. While she quietly and respectfully helps herself too, with your blessings of course👌. Being with one man for the rest of her life is boring too. But she loves you too much to complain😉”

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