Man arrested after pretending to be a soldier and storming a police station to beat a female officer

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Some people are so courageous so much so. that, they do things without giving thought to the ramifications thereof.

So this 27-year-old man identified as George Onderi had the audacity to drive into a Kenyan Police station to confront one of the Constables identified as Mary Maina on why she was wearing an inappropriate jungle uniform.

From the way he violently attacked Mary, her colleagues on duty had to intervene. Thereafter, they questioned Geroge to identify himself since he was priding himself as a Military Police Sergeant officer.

When the policemen got to know that he was a fake military man, they arrested him and locked him up at the station. Investigations have been commenced from the DCI officers.

A statement released by the Kenyan police read;

Police officers in Kisii are holding a suspect who stormed Suneka Police Station Report Office desk donning the jacket of a Military Police Sergeant and dragged out a female police officer who he alleged wore inappropriate police jungle uniform.

In the 9pm incident yesterday, the imposter, 27-year-old George Onderi arrived at the station in his Toyota Belta car, parked and proceeded to the station building where he confronted Constable Mary Maina, the police officer on duty at the report office desk on allegations she wore a pair of uniform with the wrong jungle print. The intruder violently pulled the lady officer from her duty post which prompted the immediate intervention by her colleague and the duty officer.

The suspected Military Imposter is reported to have declined efforts to identify himself before the Deputy OCS Suneka, IP Cephas Ombija. He is being held at the station as DCI officers are investigating to establish any connection to acts of criminality in the area. He will be arraigned for charges of Impersonation and Creating disturbance.

In the past, we have witnessed incidences where criminals have unlawfully used the identity of our traditional security outfits to advance criminal activities. While we caution the public against imposters who are out to advance acts of fraud and other forms of criminality, we urge the public to seek for services from designated security installations and, to report to authorities any suspected imposter.


Man arrested after pretending to be a soldier and storming a police station to beat a female officer


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