‘I sold my land to educate him’ – 73-year-old man drags son to court seeking 20% of his salary for upkeep

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Welcome to Africa! Where parents take care of their children with the hope that when they grow, they will also be taken care of by their children.

Due to this expectation, they do not prepare adequately for pension. And once their child does not take care of them as expected, it becomes some sort of a war between child and parents. What they do not know is, in most cases, this puts pressure on the young child who is just starting life.

Well, a 73-year-man from Kenya has sent his son to court demanding 20% of his son’s salary.

According to him, he sold his land to pay for the tuition fees of his child till university. But now that he is working, he is failing to take proper care of him. It is for this reason that he is demanding 20% of his son’s salary every month.

Gideon Kisira Cherowo, from Biirunda in Trans Nzoia County, claims that his 48-year-old son Washington Chepkombe Cherowo abandoned him despite having contributed to his education until the university level.

In the papers filed at Kitale High Court, Mzee Cherowo, stated that his son does not send him any upkeep even though he is currently working at the Kenya Airports Authority.

Among his four children, Mzee Cherowo said, Washington is the only one who is currently employed.

“I used all the resources I had to enable the defendant to be in a good position so that he can help us. Right now, my wife and I are in a horrible state yet we have a son who is working,” the plaintiff said in a civil suit at the high court.

“I sold my land in Cheptais, Bungoma, to educate him from primary to university. I also gave him a quarter of an acre. I even went ahead to pay dowry for the defendant’s wife, which cost me four cows and some amount of money, whose sum I cannot recall.” the aggrieved father said.

“I pray that since he has a good salary, I request 20 per cent of his salary to be given to me as the father,” Cherowo pleaded with the court.

David Masyek Cherowo, who is also a son of the 73-year-old man is supporting his father’s decision to sue his brother.

He gave a testimony that his brother neglected his parents ever since he got a job — for 17 solid years.

“The defendant deserted his parents after he got a job. It is now 17 years since we saw him. He does not come or send any assistance to us. We are leading a very horrible life after the defendant consumed the very thing our father had, so as to take him to school,” Masyek said in the statement.



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