Many Are In Admiration Of TBoss Because Of How Much She Resembles Her Daughter.

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Tokunbo Idowu, better known as TBoss, a Big Brother Naija television star, has left many in awe of the uncanny resemblance between herself and her daughter.

The mother of one claims that when her daughter was born, she did not resemble her in the least. Instead, she adopted the characteristics of her family members before beginning to develop her own features.

As evidence of her daughter’s remarkable development into the person she is today, TBoss revealed passport photos of herself and her.

TBoss revealed that her passport photo was shot more than 30 years ago and that she was shocked to see her daughter’s.

“One of the Most Popular Comments I Get Whenever I Make a Post With My Daughter is How Much We Look Like Each Other or How I Birthed Myself,” she wrote.

The problem is that she didn’t appear at all like me. The only similarities we noticed up until a year later were her Cupid bow and the tops of her thighs. I wasn’t everything else. she resembled everyone up until her grandmother.

It goes without saying how that made me feel.

Many Are In Admiration Of TBoss Because Of How Much She Resembles Her Daughter.

But over time, she began to change and take on my appearance. And now, when I reprimand her for doing something, everyone asks, “But where did she get that from?” Gerrout Joor Do you know the reason I’m whining to you?

It wasn’t until months later that I wanted to place her passport picture next to mine in my wallet that I gave it any thought. I’ll be damned.

Many people went to her comment section to express their love in awe of the stunning resemblance between TBoss and her daughter.



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