Marco Polo Net Worth At Death

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Marco Polo was a merchant, explorer, and writer who hailed from Venice in the then Republic of Venice.

Marco was a remarkable trader. His inherent mercantile trade was as a result of his proximity to his father, Niccolo and uncle, Maffeo, who were renowned traders as well.

Growing up, Marco barely knew his father, Niccolo Paulo as he used to travel Asia with, Maffeo, Marco’s uncle. He was therefore solely raised by his mother who unfortunately passed on when he was 15 years old.

Marco then joined his father and uncle exploring and trading throughout the world. Marco as a result gained more insight in the buy-and-sell trade.

Marco Polo did not only gain his fame from trading. He was also a writer and explorer. Marco Polo travelled throughout Asia from which he penned down the blueprints of The Travels of Marco Polo.

Marco Polo Net Worth At Death

According to financial experts, Marco Polo possessed an estimated amount of about $15 million.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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