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Margaret Ferrier Family:

Let’s get to know who Margaret Ferrier is in this article as we take a key look at members of her family as well.

Who is Margaret Ferrier?

Margaret Ferrier was born in Glasgow, Scotland on the 10th of September 1960. She is sixty-two (62) years old.

Margaret Ferrier is a politician and a Member of Parliament of parliament for an area in Scotland known as Rutherglen and Hamilton West. She has occupied this position since assuming office on the 12th of December 2019.

From what we gathered, Ferrier is a Scottish national who was raised in King’s Park suburbs of Scotland.

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Margaret Ferrier attended the Holyrood Secondary School for her high school education.

She is currently an independent candidate who was formerly elected to the House of Commons in 2015. However, she lost in the 2017 elections to Ged Killen, Labour Party candidate before clinching the seat again after two years.

Ferrier was a member of the Scottish National Party before her suspension in 2020 for breaching Covid-19 protocols.


The politician is not married at the moment or known to be in an amorous relationship with anyone.


Margaret Ferrier is said to be a mother of one. She has s daughter called Caitlin Ferrier.

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Our attempts to get information on her parents were in futility as we got nothing on them.


There’s no public information on her parents.


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