is the son of Marina Goldovskaja. Marina is a famous Russian documentary filmmaker. She made about one hundred documentaries, most of which were intimate portraits of her subjects. She is famed for her work during the late Soviet and early post-Soviet periods. Her work opened doors into the inner lives of people living in a time of great change. She won many awards for works like “Arkhangelsky Peasant” and “The Bitter Taste of Freedom”.

Marina Goldovskaja Children: Meet Sergei Livnev

Her son Sergei Livnev followed in his mother's footsteps. Livnev graduated from the Moscow Film School in 1987 at the height of perestroika. In his graduating year, he wrote the screenplay for Sergei Solovyov's cult classic Assa. He later directed two feature films in the early ‘90s, “Kiks and Hammer and Sickle”. However, he is best known for directing the film “Van Goghs”.

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His mother Marina Goldovskaja passed away on March 20, 2022, at a good old age of 80.


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