Mark Ruffalo Shades ‘Star Wars’ While Defending Marvel’s Output

Mark Ruffalo doesn’t believe there’s an excess of Marvel content in this present reality since he says MCU projects are exceptional while the “Star Wars” establishment — which, similar to Marvel, is in many cases blamed for making a lot of content — produces movies and TV shows that are essentially a similar each time.

Ruffalo, who plays Bruce Banner a.k.a. The Hulk in “The Avengers” motion pictures and in the new Disney+ series “She Hulk: Attorney at Law,” offered his remarks while talking with

When inquired, “Is there an excess of Marvel content?” Ruffalo answered, “I comprehend that these things run their course and afterward something different goes along. In any case, what Marvel has done well is that, inside the MCU, similarly as with comic books, they let a chief or an entertainer kind of reproduce each part of their own style, their resemblance. Wonder for the most part allows them to carry that to the material.”

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Ruffalo then contrasted Marvel with “Star Wars,” one more establishment possessed by Disney, saying, “In the event that you watch a ‘Star Wars,’ you’re essentially going to get a similar variant of ‘Star Wars’ each time.” He added, “It could have a tad of humor. It could have a tad of various liveliness. In any case, you’re generally, truly, in that equivalent sort of world.”

Wonder, Ruffalo demanded, is unique. “Yet, with Marvel you can have something else altogether, even inside the Marvel Universe,” the entertainer made sense of.

Up until this point this year Marvel has delivered two motion pictures — “Specialist Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” and “Thor: Love and Thunder” — with one more, “Dark Panther: Wakanda Forever,” scheduled to open in November. On the TV front, Ruffalo’s “She Hulk: Attorney at Law” is the third MCU series to make a big appearance in 2022. Disney will be dropping one more MCU series, “Gatekeepers of the Galaxy Holiday Special,” not long from now.


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