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Matthews Wolmarans Net Worth And Salary

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Mr. Matthews Johannes Wolmarans, a South African politician, has had a dynamic career within the political landscape of the country. His journey has been marked by significant achievements, controversies, and a transition that has led him to hold key positions within the African National Congress (ANC) and the National Assembly of South Africa.

Wolmarans’ political career gained attention during his tenure as the mayor of the Rustenburg Local Municipality. In 2012, he faced a conviction alongside his former bodyguard for the murder of Moss Phakoe, an ANC councillor.

Despite the legal turbulence, Wolmarans continued his political journey. He entered the National Assembly in 2017, filling a vacancy and subsequently serving on crucial committees addressing human settlements, education, mineral resources, energy, employment, and labor.

Matthews Wolmarans Net Worth And Salary

Wolmarans’ financial status has come under scrutiny, given his political engagements and controversies. As of the latest available information, his net worth is estimated to range between $2 million and $4 million. This accumulation of wealth stems from various sources, reflecting his diverse investments or financial involvements.

Regarding his annual income, Wolmarans earns a salary ranging between R1.2 million and R1.5 million. This places him within the bracket of parliamentary salaries for members of the National Assembly or NCOP, aligning with the stipulated range for MPs in South Africa.

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