Meatloaf daughters. Who are Meat Loaf daughters?


Meatloaf daughters: The late singer who passed away January 20, 2022 is currently the most trending topic on the internet. Many have reacted to the demise of the legendary singer in their own ways.

A lot of people are asking about the family of his. Was he married? Was he survived by any children? These are a few of the many questions people raised since he passed on.

Who are the children of ?

Meat Loaf married a woman who is known as Leslie G. Edmonds. At the time he met her, she had a young daughter called Pearl Aday. After they got married, the couple had another daughter Amanda Aday.

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They divorced in 2001 due to reasons best known to them. So literally, Meat Loaf had two daughters; one biological daughter and a stepdaughter.

What you need to know about Meat Loaf’s daughters 

Pearl was Meat Loaf’s stepdaughter. She was born in 1975 long before her mother Leslie Edmonds became Meat Loaf’s wife. She is equally a talented singer.


She is currently the lead singer of her own band called Pearl Pearl got married to Anthrax founder Scott Ian Rosenfeld in 2011 and they have one son called Revel Young Ian.

What about Amanda? She is Pearl’s half-sister. She was born in 1981. Amanda and Pearl share the same mother. She is a well known actress who is famous for her recurring role as Dora Mae Dreifuss on the first season of the HBO series CarnivĂ le (2003–05). At the time of Meat Loaf’s death, his two daughters were by his side.

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